Pommern 1 Pommern 2

She has sailed
over stormy oceans
guided by enduring sailors.

A piece of jewellery filled with history

One of the world dwells moored in the West Harbour in Mariehamn, as a monument to a proud era in the place that once was home port for a magnificent sailing fleet. She is the only ship of her kind that is preserved in her original condition.

Pommern was built in Glasgow, Scotland, and was launched in 1903. Twenty years later she was bought by Gustaf Erikson, a ship owner from Åland who came to own one of the last big sailing ship fleets in the world. During that time, she shipped wheat between England and Australia, among other things.

Each piece of jewellery in the Pommern collection is carrying a part of her memory. Of a life at sea.

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